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Charity Participation

Whilst the Since 1664 Yomp is a Royal Marines inspired event supported and promoted by the Royal Marines Charity and as such are a Platinum Charity Partner.  Other Charities are welcome to to take part but need to agree the terms of the event with the organiser. The following charities signed up at various times 2015-19 and are in the process of being “renewed for 2020” (if they are in bold they have confirmed and will be “selectable” when you sign up for a challenge).  Yet more have been approached to be able to attract fundraising participants. Yompers are welcome to nominate charitable organisations, by sending their contact details through a formal request here.  Charities that have formally asked to be included will be in bold and have a hyper link back their website.  All charities taking part are eligible for discounted entries – speak to the organisers.

Platinum Charity Partners

Confirmed for 2020