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Whilst the Since 1664 Yomp primarily exists to raise money to support The Corps and their families through The Royal Marines Charity, the event is only viable if we allow wider participation by relevant charities.*  However, different participants have different circles to support their fundraising, so rather than setting an arbitrary fundraising target we have decided to set a range of targets.  The more optimistic you feel your fundraising will be, the higher the target you can choose and the lower your registration fee.  Then there are others who want to undertake this challenge without the commitment to raise funds – so this year we have introduced a self funding option.

Unlike previous years, how and where you fund-raise is entirely up to you, as we are no longer providing a sponsorwall for you.  It will be the Yompers responsibility to convince the charity they are fund-raising for that two months before the Yomp that they have raised at least 75% of their target, so that the charity pays the difference between the registration fee and the remaining entry fee.  

Under current plans, registration is limited to 166+4 Yompers (ie a limit of 170), so if you don’t meet your targets, you are denying the opportunity for someone else to do so. Now, this may sound daunting but the Since 1664 team will be there to support you, as will your charity, promoting the event, getting endorsements from celebrities and encouraging the Press and Media to report.  You will be amazed a what you can achieve.  One small team in 2015 felt they would struggle to raise £1000, they ended up smashing both that figure, raising all but £3000!  One individual raised £5,000 in 2018 and one over £6,000 in 2019!

A list of past charities is here – when they have “confirm their agreement with the new arrangements”, their entry on the list will be bold and they will appear as an option to select as you sign up to a challenge.  You are of course welcome to propose other charities.



* Relevant charities will be decided by a committee of taste amongst the organisers, who’s decision is final!