The Since 1664 Yomp primarily exists to raise money to support The Corps and their families through The Royal Marines Charity.  However, the event is only viable if we allow wider participation by relevant charities.*   Because the support of the The Royal Marines Charity underpins the event, we have to ask that the first £166.40 per person raised in sponsorship is allocated to them, thereafter your target is as decided by the charity you are supporting (if they offer you a place) or your own efforts if you cover your own registration fee.  We do, however, require that you have raised £353, (as 2017 will see the Corps 353 years old!), before the event in order to take up you place on the start line.  If a charity has given you a place they may set a higher target.  Over previous “Yomps” in 2011 and 2014 – 2016 the usual amount raised is between £1000 and £2000 per Yomper.   Our registration process will automatically create you a sponsorwall and allow you to link with your Facebook account, so you can fund raise directly inside Facebook!  We will also add a “pretty link” for you (something like 

Under current plans, registration for 2017 is limited to 166+4 Yompers (ie a limit of 170), so if you don’t meet your targets, you are denying the opportunity for someone else to do so. Now, this may sound daunting but the Since 1664 team will be there to support you, promoting the event, getting endorsements from celebrities and encouraging the Press and Media to report.  You will be amazed a what you can achieve.  One small team in 2015 felt they would struggle to raise £1000, they ended up smashing both that figure, raising all but £3000!  The are committed to return in 2017!

Once you have registered you, a fundraising pack will follow packed full of ideas, hint and tips and we will be there to support you every step of the way.

A list of approved charities is here – when they have “signed up”, their entry will included a link back to their sites.

* Relevant charities will be decided by a committee of taste amongst the organisers, who’s decision is final!