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Behind every good Yomper there is a good Marshal

Whilst this may not be the most accurate quote ever seen, it really is true.  To be successful, the Since 1664 Yomp will need to be supported by a team of marshals, so if you don’t quite feel up to the Yomp, please consider helping out in some way or other as a Marshal.  There is no cost to you to become a Marshal, other than transport/accommodation, but you will get a T-Shirt and other equipment as we deem necessary for the role we agree for you.  During your stint, there will be scran available and of course plenty of time for you to pop to a local shop (or similar).  Below is a list of the sort of tasks you may be asked to undertake and will be largely dependent on where you live, time available and your transport situation.

  • to move additional kit for Yompers around the route, including food, drink and spare kit
  • to help administer basic first aid support to any team member who needs it – you may need to attend to a few blisters, for example and or call in St John’s Ambulance if required.
  • to be a familiar face, laden with treats and moral support whenever they need it
  • to look after any team member who drops out along the route
  • to keep in contact with your team via mobile phones when necessary
  • set up or offer guidance and safety over major roads and difficult junctions along the way
  • man checkpoints to ensure we have everyone accounted for


So if you think you are tough enough to become a marshal

please complete the form below.  It may seem quite specific, but that is to assist in allocating the right people to the right roles.

Register to Assist

Use this form if you would like to help, before, during or after the event in some capacity, but feel unable to do the yomp itself!

Suport Marshal Registration