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Support Marshals

All Yompers taking part will be supported by a team of marshals (if you don’t feel you can Yomp, please look at the Support pages and offer help there!), in order to help them complete the challenge. The marshals are there to look after, guide, feed and encourage Yompers as they take on the course.

What are the Marshal’s key roles on the day? They are a vital part of the event and Yompers could not complete the challenge without their help – it is a hugely important role and they and we want them to feel part of the event. Their tasks will be numerous and varied, depending on how long they can commit to help, where they live, their skills and their transport arrangements.  Tasks may include

  • to move additional kit for Yompers around the route, including food, drink and spare kit
  • to help administer basic first aid support to any team member who needs it – you may need to attend to a few blisters, for example and or summon the paramedics if required.
  • to be a familiar face, laden with treats and moral support whenever they need it
  • to look after any team member who drops out along the route
  • to keep in contact the central control when Yompers leave each check points
  • set up or offer guidance and safety over major roads and difficult junctions along the way
  • man checkpoints to ensure we have everyone accounted for

Register to Assist

Use this form if you would like to help, before, during or after the event in some capacity, but feel unable to do the yomp itself!