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From 2018, the cost structure has moved to a fixed entry fee – £354 given that in 2018 it will be the Royal Marines 354th birthday.  This fee covers:
  • The cost of running the event, including location hire costs
  • Admin, before and during the best part of 48 hours of the actual event running
  • Risk Assessments,
  • Medical Cover,
  • Portaloo hire
  • Event Insurance,
  • Scran (food/snacks/beverage) breaks, including 4 main meals plus soup at the finish, hot and cold drinks and snacks throughout
  • Any marshalling or transport costs; and,
  • Any clothing and equipment we might choose to supply.
These costs are met by two elements:
  • A Registration Fee, paid by the participant, the size being determined by the fundraising target the yomper chooses – the higher the target, the smaller the personal contribution
  • The remaining Entry Fee, paid for by the selected charity, if and only if, the yomper raises at least 75% of their chosen target 8 weeks prior to the event.

We will invite a number of charities and any charity can apply or be referred, to become a partner.  Clearly in the context of the event some charities are more appropriate than others, so the organisers will consider all applications in light of that context.  We will market the event in general, and on behalf of Platinum, Premium and Participating charities (or Community Organisations) and they are welcome to promote their “participation”.

Charity Authorisation Form