The Entry Fee

Since 1664 does not come cheap.  The London Marathon is about £35 for 26 miles, if you succeed in the ballot.  The Great South Run is £41 for 10 miles.  The Cateran Yomp for the Soldiers Charity is £99 for 54 miles.  St John’s Ambulance quote ~£5,000 for medical cover the Yomp.  Yet Since 1664 is just one pound per Kilometre – £166.40, plus a commitment to raise £166.40 for the RMCTF (if you use automatic sponsor wall during registration we’ll take care of this for you) and an expectation that you will raise a minimum of raise £352 in total to be allowed to take part.

However, some of the charities taking part will have pre-booked places and will have a registration code that will make your entry free – it is entirely up to them who they give these to!!

The registration fee covers the organisation, medical, scran (catering for non bootnecks), nutty and wets (snacks and drinks for non bootnecks), return transport, any other goodies we choose to give you! You will have the opportunity to purchase Yomp goodies in due course, such as T-Shirts, wrist bands and bags.

However, for the avoidance of doubt we do not intend to provide maps, (we recommend Harvey Maps or the A-Z Maps of the South Downs Way) unless we can find a sponsor of such.  The trail is well marked, and in the same way we don’t provide basics like boots, we feel maps fall into this same category!